Thursday, November 13, 2014

My first day in Barcelona

I arrived in Barcelona at 7:15am(Barcelona time)/12:15(Central Standard time).  The flight was about 8 hours long.  I tried to sleep, but the plane was too uncomfortable. I still have yet to sleep. I have been up for over 24 hours now and am feeling very jet lagged and delirious. I am at St. Paul´s School in Barcelona.  I am working with a 1st grade class and am already loving the way their school is set up.  It is absolutely beautiful here.  EVERYTHING is different! I have already met so many new people and they are all from different palces in the world. There is a lot of culture here in Barcelona. I will be spending the rest of my day here at school until 5pm. My family will pick me and their children up from school at 5 and then I will go home with them.  I am looking forward to meeting my new family!! However, I think what I am most looking forward to is a bed!!! I need sleep. So many things are happening and I have had all of this information thrown at me.  Adding all of that to no sleep is a bit overwhelming, but I am trying my best to hang in there and keep going. I can wait to share pictures and all my experiences through out the rest of my journey. Until next time :)


  1. sounds awesome!!! Hang in there sweetheart, im sure the excitement will boost your energy level; say hello to your Barcelona family for me!! Luv Ya

  2. Sounds awesome! Try and get some sleep!