Friday, November 14, 2014

Barcelona Day 2

I got a good night's sleep last night and felt much better today at school, but I am still tired. I think it will take me a few days to get adjusted to the time change. I met my family yesterday after school. They are wonderful!! They are energetic and so much fun! Anba, the mother, has already referred to me as her 3rd daughter which was very welcoming :) they have 2 daughters, Violeta (5 years old) and Emilia (3 years old). They are to due for adorable!! Violeta was so happy to finally meet me!
Last night for dinner I had Tortilla Tapas, which is basically a thick omelet with potatoes, very tasty. I also had green beans with fish and bacon and balsamic and vinegar. This dish was also very good. They eat so much later here, 10pm during the week is the normal dinner time. While 10:30/11pm is normal for the weekend. They eat very healthy here as well. They usually do a few courses. So the first course might be a soup or salad, then the second would be the entre, fish or chicken for example, then the 3rd would be dessert, but for dessert they eat either fruit or pudfing, mostly fruit. They always have tons if fresh fruit, which is bueno. Also, bread is usually eaten with meals as well.
For the weekend, my family invited me to their summer home in Calella de Parafrugell which about 1 hour and 39 minutes up the coastline from Barcelona. We arrived here this evening and it was already dark so I haven't gotten to see much yet, but the house is beautiful. Tomorrow we ate going to the beach and they are going to take me site seeing here. They say this is the most beautiful place in Spain. I feel so blessed to have them as my host family. They have completely welcomed me into there home and have treated me like another member in their family and it us only the second day! I plan to post some pictures tomorrow so please do come check those out later. For now, I must get some rest. Buenos Noches

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  1. Pleasant Dreams!! I love your host family even though I've never met them!! So happy they welcomed you with open arms!! Can't wait to see some pics. Love you Muah!!!