Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last day in Calella

Today we went to the tennis club where Xavi and Anna take tennis lessons every Saturday and Sunday. I played a little futbol with the girls while we were there. After visiting the tennis club we went to the beach which is just right across the street from their summer home. The beach is beautiful. This beach in Calella is very special because it is made of very small stones instead of sand. Xavi swam in the sea. I found some stones too keep. The water was freezing but the weather is quite warm. It is suppose to get warmer this week. After the beach we went back to the house. The grandparents came over and we had a big lunch. We had a whole fish that was bought yesterday at the market. We ate this with tomatoes and potatoes. For appetizers we had croquettes, rice, and muscles that were delicious. For dessert we had an apple cake/pie type thing. This was very sweet. After dinner we tidy up the house then headed back to Barcelona for the week. I am here now. Xavi and I took a walk down to the bakery to get bread and ham. He showed me where the metro station is located and was train to take when going to the Centre of Barcelona. I am very excited for this week of school. I am happy that I have more energy so that I will be at my best for the children. Being here, in this new environment, is amazing. It makes me want to reach abroad that much more. I look forward to the rest of my time here.


  1. The pictures look amazing.. The food....looks so good!

  2. I'm sure you willl be full of energy with all that good fresh food you are eating !!! The school children are going to love you forsure ❤️ Love you darling