Sunday, August 10, 2014

And so it Begins....

The beginning to the start of the rest of my life! I started my first student teaching assignment a few days ago and I am absolutely loving it so far! My first month of student teaching will be spent with Mrs. Pratt's first grade class at Potter Gray Elementary! This is my first time actually teaching and working with a lower grade level and I LOVE it! The kids are so wonderful and full of life. I am enjoying getting to know them each individually and I look forward to seeing them progress as the semester continues. Starting tomorrow I will begin my first full week with my class. I am already learning so much about myself and can not wait to grow even more as a future educator. I will continue to keep you updated at least once a week during my student teaching. I love the school that I am placed with. I have gotten to know all of the faculty and staff and they are all wonderful to work with. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a great group of people.

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